All I want for Christmas…

Dear Santa-

How are things up north this year? Is it warming up at all? I hear you could be having problems with that. Anyway, you’re a busy guy and I won’t take up much of your time. I swear I’ve been good all  year (or as good as I could be) and all I want for Christmas is:

Willy, English Pointer
Willy, English Pointer

1. One of these. I’m always looking for great English Pointers and Willy sure looks like a nice one. Hard Driving Bev and Centerpiece were great dogs. I’m sure he’ll be one, too. I promise to love him and feed him  and walk him, too.

2. A pair of these. I love Boss shotguns, and if one is great, a pair of them is fantastic. I’ll take good care of these, too.Boss Shotgun, 1 of pair

3. And if you can pull it off, this. I’ll need a place to run the dog and use the guns. There should be plenty of pheasants on that piece of ground to keep all of us happy.

Thanks. Your pal,


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2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. Greg, are you sure about the English pointers what you ask Santa? In your place I consider a Bracco Italiano as an option.
    I can say that because I breed and hunt with them for 25 yaers. Greg, even if we not have contact regularly I look at your web frequently. If you want more info on Bracco’s feel free and send me a reply mail.
    Greetings from Belgium, Marc.

  2. Marc-

    Thank you for your note and kind comments. Sorry I forgot to respond about that Spanish gun. How did it turn out?

    Happy holidays.

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