Some great sporting art coming up….

Copley Fine Art Auctions in Boston, MA, is having there 2011 winter sale on January 17th. Copley handles some of the finest decoys and sporting art in the country and there are always some great pieces up for sale. I scrolled through the listings for this sale and pulled out a few favorites. I’ll be featuring the painting over the next few weeks.

Lynn Bogue Hunt grouse painting, coming up at Copley Fine Art Auctions
Lynn Bogue Hunt grouse painting, coming up at Copley Fine Art Auctions

This first painting “Grouse” by Lynn Bogue Hunt. The second is Quail, by the same artist. I like Hunts work alot. With  bright colors and bold, dynamic compositions, his stuff is very eye catching and commercial.

Born in 1878, Hunt was one of America’s best-known sporting artists. His work appeared in magazines throughout the country. He also illustrated books and his work appeared on a number of gun catalog covers, including this 1915 Ithaca Catalog and this 1930 Fox Shotgun catalog.

You can read more about Hunt here and here.

Lynn Bogue Hunt Quail painting
Lynn Bogue Hunt Quail painting

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