An “Investment” quality John Krider shotgun…

Hang around gunshops and auctions for a while and there’s a word you’re bound to here: Investment, as in this gun is a great investment. Whenever you hear it, be wary. A 12 gauge Krider double barrel percussion shotgun that has been a market recently is a good example of why.

John Krider 12 gauge percussion shotgun
John Krider 12 gauge percussion shotgun

John Krider was an American sporting goods maker with a shop in Philadelphia. He turned out everything from fly rods and fishing reels to top-quality shotguns and rifles.  This 12 gauge Krider came on the market in March of 2008 at James Julia Auctions. As you can see, cased and in fantastic original condition, it’s almost brand new — pretty impressive for a gun that was probably made in the the 1850s. Julia’s estimate on it was $8,000-$12,000. When the hammer dropped and all the bills were paid, it cost the buyer $18,400.

Jump forward two years, head over to Amoskeag Auctions, and here is the same gun shows up again, back on the market.Check out the description — “Investment Quality.” This time, the estimate is $10,000 – $15,000 and the gun sells for $12, 075. So the seller lost $6,025 — 34% — in 2 years.

Not a very good investment.

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5 thoughts on “An “Investment” quality John Krider shotgun…

  1. Certainly a beautiful and historic Krider gun. Just my take…enjoy them for what they are…relics of the past…and be proud to be able to own it…not just for what you think it may bring in the years to come.

  2. I own one of the John Kryder double barrell percussion guns with damascus barrells. On the back of the barrells it has the stamps of England and the top of the barrell is stamped with Philladelphia. The gun is in very good to excellent condition. I wish to sell this firearm but do not know where or how to make arrangements. Please advise.

  3. I have a buddy that has one but stock Is broke off. He is wanting to sell any idea on a price

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