Good Gun Alerts, Sauer, W & C Scott, and L.C. Smith 2e…

A few good guns are going under the hammer the next few weekends.

The first one is this gorgeous 12g  J.P. Sauer hammergun coming up at Amoskeag Auctions this Saturday, 1/8. This is a fantastic gun. You can see some more pics of it here and here.

12g J.P. Sauer & Son hammergun
12g J.P. Sauer & Son hammergun

Then there’s this 16 gauge W. & C. Scott Reliance-grade boxlock at Horst Auctions this Saturday, 1/8. It’s Lot #35. From what I can see, it looks like a pretty original gun. It has 26″ barrels, a pistol grip, and ejectors–so it would be a nice bird gun. It’s worth checking out. There are a bunch of other double barrel shotguns in this auction, too. Here’s the complete listing.

16g W.& C. Scott Reliance Shotgun
16g W.& C. Scott Reliance Shotgun

Finally, on Sunday, 1/16, Redding Auction Service in Gettysburg, PA, is selling a nice looking 12 gauge L.C. Smith 2E. The wood on it is real nice and it looks sound. The actions looks pretty decent, too. You can see more pics of the gun way down on this page.

L.C. Smith 12g 2E Shotgun at Reddings

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