Incredible dog’s-eye view of grouse hunting….

We were inspired. After watching the video of Sugar duck hunting, Puck and I headed out into the woods to do the same thing on grouse. With a little GoPro video camera to her collar, off Puck went.

Pointing the grouse
Pointing the grouse

-We were on a grouse pretty quickly. You can see the whole thing in the video below.
Puck goes on point at about 3:20.
-You can see the grouse at about 4:31. It’s at the top of the screen, at about twelve o’clock. Look for a black, pigeon-shaped shadow on the ground. The grouse is moving from left to right, strutting its head up and down.
-The grouse flushes at about 5:32. It goes up and away. It’s a pretty mellow flush, not one of those explosive, thundering exits that grouse are so famous for.

More pics from the day:

She was way out when she went on point.
Puck was way out when she went on point.

Running with GoPro camera
Running with GoPro camera

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