Rare Sauer sidelock, lots of engraving…

J.P Sauer and Sohn is one of the world’s oldest gunmakers. In their day they’ve made it all, from flintlocks to pocket-sized pistols.

J.P. Sauer Double barrel sidelock shotgun
J.P. Sauer Double barrel sidelock shotgun

They also made a lot of shotguns. You see a lot of these double barrels on the American market. Most of them are boxlocks, and they’re finished as lower-grade, utilitarian guns. Older ones are usually pretty beat up. too.

That’s why¬†this J.P. Sauer 16g sidelock caught my eye. It has a lot of engraving on it and what looks like a ton of original finish (unusual, considering it was made in 1893). Overall, it looks like a very sound, shootable gun.


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  1. Sauer was a company that made every grade of shotguns, from the cheapest workhorses to best quality bespoke guns. However, in the European fashion, the difference between lower and higher grade models was not in finish alone, but also in fit, barrel regulation, balance, and other technicana. That’s why people who are familiar with only one side of Sauer tend to underestimate (or overestimate) them. Their fine guns may not be in the Purdey league, but are, well, fine enough.

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