Best-quality guns are all about the little details – the shape of the drop points, the fit of the forend, the shaping of the fences, and the composition of the engraving.

At the Southern a few weeks ago, I saw an unusual gun that hit all these little things out of the park. It was a 12 gauge F. Thirifays double barrel shotgun. All I know about this double barrel is that it was made in Belgium, probably before WW2. It was in fantastic condition and beautiful.

Take a look for yourself. And check out the little details, especially on the stock. When you see sideviews of the action, check out that little nipple of wood poking into the metalwork. That’s how a master stockmaker shows off.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos. I can tell you the gun was made about 1928 and is called a Model 1000. The maker is reported to have made shotguns for the Italian Olympic team.

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