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7 thoughts on “Join me at the Southern Side-by-Side…

  1. Gregg – thanks for sharing. I wish I could have gotten done there to see all those wonderful guns. I can’t keep my eyes off those Boss pics!

  2. Glad you liked them. That Boss SxS, self opener was one of the best looking guns at the show.

    The 20g Woodward was nice, too.



  3. Great pics, Gregg. You have a real talent with a camera. I shoulda been doing this instead of running my mouth all the time.

    Well done. Hope you return next year.

  4. Thanks for the time and effort to share the Southern!

    I would appreciate your telling us how you take your photos which show so much detail on the engraving and case color with what must be almost no lightning equipment. When Tom Rowe and Michael Petrov have visited me, they both had light tents, several sources of light etc in order to capture detail – yet you must be doing it with just hand carried equipment. I am almost as impressed with that as with your subject matter!

    Thanks again,


  5. Glad you guys liked the shots. I took all of them with a Canon Powershot S90 pocket camera. I try to push the push my backgrounds way back, flood the subject with natural lights, set the camera on close up, and let it rip. I’m always impressed with the job it does.


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