Auction Alert – clean looking Parker & Fox…

Clean, original American double barrel shotgun are hard to find. That’s why these two side by sides caught my eye. They’re both up at and ending at the end of next week.

A. H. Fox - BE Grade 12ga
A. H. Fox - BE Grade 12ga

The first is this Parker 12 gauge GHE on a #1 frame. It’s a 1919 gun with a pretty standard configuration: 28″ bbls, double triggers, pistol-grip stock, splinter forend. While it doesn’t have a lot of finish, what’s their looks pretty original (there may be something on the buttstock — check it closely). Because the gun is on a #1 frame, it’s about as light as Parker 12 gauges get.

The next side by side is this Fox BE 12 gauge. This one has 30″ bbls and it was made around 1920. It has a nice looking round-knob grip (buttstock probably refinished), double triggers, and a splinter forend. Overall it’s a very clean, very original gun, and there’s even a little color & blueing left.

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