Bad floods = Bad news for Montana and North Dakota…

Water – it seems like some parts of the western US can’t get enough of it and other parts are flooded under it.

Flooding in North Dakota
Flooding in North Dakota

Unfortunately, a couple of the areas with too much water this spring are also big bird hunting regions. Northeast Montana and North Dakota have had a ton of cold, wet weather lately.

This isn’t good for the wild bird population. Spring is nesting season and weather like this makes it pretty much impossible to do. No nest, no eggs, no chicks, and far, far fewer birds come fall.

You can read more about the area impacted by going here.

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1 thought on “Bad floods = Bad news for Montana and North Dakota…

  1. I feel so bad for the people having to deal with the flood. One of my relatives lives out there and she said it’s pretty terrible, they’ve evacuated like 12,000 people. My heart goes out to everyone there.

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