Fit for the friend of a King…

Say you were Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, and you wanted to give a friend a a set of four double barrel shotguns. What would you go with?

Garbi 103A 20 gauge shotgun, ordered by the King of Spain
Garbi 103A 20 gauge shotgun, ordered by the King of Spain

When Juan Carlos ordered four side-by-side for the now broke, ex-billionaire Patricia Kluge, he went with Garbis 103As. Because Mrs. Kluge has fallen on hard times, you now have a chance to buy these guns for yourself. They’re being auctioned off by the Potomack Company on June 11th.

The Model 103A is a traditional game gun with Purdey style Rose & Scroll engraving that is completely done by hand. The action also has the traditional shaping improvements of a higher quality gun with beaded fences and sculpturing. The 103A also has an improved quality of wood and checkering.. New, these gun are about $18,000 a piece. Of course, I get they give Juan Carlos a deal.

BTW: what does the King shoot? According to this article, a trio of Kemens.

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4 thoughts on “Fit for the friend of a King…

  1. These are the sort of problems kings have apparently . . . . Maybe that is why he trimmed the collection back to a garniture of Kemens. I saw a Kemen sxs at NECG and it looked to be a very well made gun.

  2. The Garbis sold today for $27,500 plus 17.5% buyers. Within the estimate, but pretty strong money for single trigger, short barreled spanish guns.

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