Parkers, but not the plain ones…

Parker double barrels are the most collectible shotguns in America for a number of reasons, the biggest one being their ubiquity. Parkers are common guns. But what you don’t see very often are the upper grades with straight grips and original condition. That’s why these two caught my eye.

Parker 16g CH grade double barrel shotgun
Parker 16g CH grade double barrel shotgun

This first gun is a 16g CH grade with 30″ bbls. It’s a pretty clean looking gun on an unusual frame for a sixteen (a 1 1/2). I do have my doubts about the beavertail forend, though. I’m not sure it’s original. Parker made just 1673 hammerless CH grades. Most of those are probably 12s, so a 16 has to be pretty unusual. Add in the original straight grip, and you’re looking at a very scarce gun.

The second I noticed is this 12g BH. Parker made just 1034 side-by-sides in BH grade, so this is another hard-to-find double. This one has 30″ barrels and no safety, which makes it pretty cool.


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2 thoughts on “Parkers, but not the plain ones…

  1. Hi Dan-

    That gun wasn’t mine. I saw it somewhere and posted it on my site.

    Thanks for the comment, though. Are you looking for a nice Parker?


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