You’re going grouse hunting…

Grouse season is the best time of the year. While it’s still 4 months away for me, these videos can give us a little taste of what we have to look forward to come fall.

Lets hunt ruffed grouse
Lets hunt ruffed grouse


Timber Harvest Grouse Hunting

This first video takes you down south. I think they’re in West Virginian or maybe even Kentucky. It’s very well shot and a pleasure to watch.

Grouse hunting in Canada

This next one takes place a couple thousand miles away. This video was shot in western Canada. I love how there are sharptail and ruffed grouse in the same cover. I wish we had some of that here in New England (actually, we used to, long, long ago).

Enjoy the videos- and hope for a great 2011 season.

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1 thought on “You’re going grouse hunting…

  1. Like that post, Gregg – though it made grouse season seem all that much farther away!

    Nice article in SSM about Addieville. I stopped by there last Friday on the way home from a business trip – when I got home, SSM had arrived and the first thing I saw was your article. Very funny coincidence! I have not shoot birds down there yet but do like their SC layout, and Robin Hollow has enough temptations to test the strongest of wills.

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