A rare gun: Joseph Jakob 10g double-barrel shotgun…

American used to be full of gunmakers, especially toward the end of the 19th century. From the big boys like Colt and Winchester to tiny guys like Krider and Tonks, these operations turned out everything from mass-produced pistols to top quality, custom made double-barrel shotguns.

Joseph Jakob 10 gauge double barrel shotgun
Joseph Jakob 10 gauge double barrel shotgun

Joseph Jakob was one of these tiny guys. Based on 1156 Passyhunk Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, he  made guns of the highest order. Very little is known about Jakobs, though. It’s thought that he was around for about a decade — 1870-1880– and there are under 10 known surviving examples of his work in circulation today. These guns are all very hig quality. This side-by-side is an excellent example.

It’s a 10 gauge made around 1880. Even though it says JOSEPH JAKOB- MAKER 1156 PASSYUNK AVE PHILADA on the rib (that’s not a typo, btw), the action, barrels, and metalwork on this gun were not made in PA or anywhere else in USA. These parts were made in Prussia by Lindner, the famous double-barrel maker behind Charles Daly shotguns. These parts were then shipped to the USA and finished off by Jakob, or by people he employed for the task. This was a common practice and “makers” throughout the US did it with parts they brought in from the UK and Europe.

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8 thoughts on “A rare gun: Joseph Jakob 10g double-barrel shotgun…

  1. I have an over and under cape gun combination steel rifle barrel and damascus shot gun barrel Has Joseph jakob 1156 passyunk ave philadelphia on the barrel can you tell me more about this gun
    thanks in advance

  2. Joseph Jakob was my great-great grandfather. Born in “Bohemia” (the Austrian section) in 1834. Died in 1913. Had the gunshop in Philadelphia at least by 1870 and was still listed in census records as a gunsmith in 1900. I believe at least one of his sons was also a gunsmith. His daughter-in-law was accidentally shot in the arm in his shop. I have a shell cutter he made way back then, as well as his picture late in life.

    John Collins
    Philadelphia, PA

  3. John-
    That’s very cool info — thanks for sharing. Do you know anything about where he learned to make guns? The guns I’ve seen with his name on them have all been very high quality.
    I would love to see a pic of him.

    Thanks ,


  4. A friend has a Joseph Jakob 12g double hammer serial #2228. I have been unable to locate any information other than your site. Any assistance in directing my search would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Jeff Minor

  5. Thanks for the article on the Joseph Jakob guns. He is the great great grandfather of my husband. He was from bohemia.

  6. I have a 12ga Joseph Jakob shotgun, good condition. The gold inlet is well worn off. Anyone want pics? I may want to sell.

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