Solid price for a 20g Lefever EE grade shotgun…

The Lefever Arms Co. turned out some of the nicest double barrel shotguns ever made in America. From 1880 to 1919 they made close to 70,000 side-by-sides. Of all these guns, 20 gauges like this one that was just on Gunbroker are the hardest to find.

20 gauge Lefever EE grade shotgun
20 gauge Lefever EE grade shotgun

This 20 gauge is an E-grade–a middle-grade model for Lefever. E-grade Lefever are my favorite American doubles. Take a look at the pics and you’ll see why.

And BTW, there’s something real wrong with the buttstock on this gun. If it was right and original, I bet this gun would have sold for at least 1/3 more.

As is, it went for $6,325.

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1 thought on “Solid price for a 20g Lefever EE grade shotgun…

  1. I have a 20 gauge Lefever EE Grade with a Miller Single trigger I
    have hunted with for the last 45 years. I would sell this wonderful
    double for the right price. I just do not hunt small game much any

    Thank You

    Irwin Blasi
    Pittsburgh Pa.

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