Chance to get a fantastic 20g Beretta O/U…

Starting in 1949 and running though the 1960s (and maybe later), Beretta made a line of boxlock over & under shotguns called the AS grades.

Beretta ASEL 20g Over & Under Shotgun
Beretta ASEL 20g Over & Under Shotgun

Most Beretta guys agree that they are the finest boxlock double barrel O/Us shotguns ever made by Beretta. They came in 12g and 20g and were offered in a handful of different grades and with a number of different options.

This is one of the more desirable grades & configurations: the ASEL 20 gauge. If you’re looking for a great O/U and you don’t mind a single trigger and pistol grip, it’s a great gun. Because it’s at auction, you may be able to get a good deal on it. I think $4000-$4500 is a fair price for this gun, so anything less than that is a good deal.

Here are couple of there ASELs on the market to compare this one to: a ASEL 12g and a real nice one in 20 gauge.


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2 thoughts on “Chance to get a fantastic 20g Beretta O/U…

  1. These are great guns. They have the more robust locking system found on the SO sidelocks and the current DT10s, and were hand finished to a much higher degree that Berettas current non-sidelock guns.

  2. The only thin that kills it for me is sling swivels on the barrel and but of a lot of them. Must be a little bit of Germanic influence going on there

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