Three great doubles on the market right now….

Here are three great double barrel shotguns on the market right now. Today. As we speak.

12 gauge Heym Double Barrel Shotgun at Hallowell Co.
12 gauge Heym Double Barrel Shotgun at Hallowell Co.

First is this pair of 12g Boss side-by-sides at Lewis Drake’s. Boss & Co. made some of the finest doubles ever. This pair is a great example of just how beautiful they can be.

Second is  this Belgian 12 gauge boxlock ejector. In great shape, well made, in excellent condition — this is a TON of gun for the money.

Finally is this Fr. Wm. Heym ,Grade 4A Boxlock Ejector . This is just a pretty gun. From the French Walnut stock to the engraving, it’s all gorgeous.


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2 thoughts on “Three great doubles on the market right now….

  1. Hi again! Thanks for the reply to my initial note. I love the Lefever F grade I inquired about. It’s really beautiful.
    The checkered butt is odd and most likely done later. Also, I can’t help but doubt the bluing being original, though it looks nice. $9000 plus is just too high for the gun despite it’s rarity….just an opinion. I have several Heym guns, including a sweet 6 lb 12 damascus that
    really competes well against a Linder Diamond. Masterful
    gunmaker! Maybe I’ll buy one of those sideplated guns listed lately….thinking about it! More toys for an aging bird hunter! By the way, years ago, I ran the Lefever Arms Association for a while. I tried to lighten the boys up a little with colorful pictures, some humor and even an occasional recipe for chukar ‘n’ pheasant…..but they were a pretty dour bunch for the most part. They only wanted to know when, what and where….fine, but also
    pretty dull in the end. After all, the guns look pretty enough, but the design is prehistoric! click-bang. Enough! Paul

  2. I agree.

    And if you ever want to share some pics of the Heyms, please let me know. I’m seen a few of those guns and they’ve been fantastic. I would love to own one with damascus bbls.

    Take care,


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