Opening weekend in Maine, can’t wait…

Work!  It really gets in the way. If I didn’t need the money, I wouldn’t go. It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the office, so I’ve had little time for being here (or in the field). BUT tomorrow is October 1 — the best time of the year –and I’ll be out  bright and early, gun in hand, head full of hopes.

The weather is supposed to be wet, so it looks like ducks in the AM and maybe some grouse later on. I’ll be carrying a 12g Fox HE for the ducks and I’m anxious to see how I do. I’ve never hunted waterfowland I’m psyched to see it happen. My girl HATES rain, so we’ll see how things go on grouse.

There are two big auctions coming up. James Julia and Poulin’s Antiques, right to each other in Fairfield, ME, are having their annual fall firearms auctions. Poulin’s is on Saturday and Julia’s starts on Monday. Here are some highlights:


Webley & Scott 28g, 26" bbls, looks new
Webley & Scott 28g, 26" bbls, looks new


Carl Funk O/U Combo Rifle, 12 Ga. / 7 X 57R
Carl Funk O/U Combo Rifle, 12 Ga. / 7 X 57R



20g Boss O/U, 26" bbls
20g Boss O/U, 26" bbls







Parker BHE, 20g
Parker BHE, 20

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2 thoughts on “Opening weekend in Maine, can’t wait…

  1. It rained all day, so grouse and woodcock were a wash. My EP hates being wet and not even worth taking her out when it’s raining.

    The ducks were another story. We jumped a bunch of woodies and I shot two drakes. Not bad for my first time after waterfowl.

    We’ll be back out next weekend. If it’s dry, we’ll be chasing grouse & woodcock. My fingers are crossed.



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