Ducks on opening day…

October 1st finally arrived! Hunting season in Maine started yesterday and I was up at 4:30am to kick off the season. It was pouring rain and dark when I headed north, and the wet weather stayed with us throughout the day. My girl hates the rain – so this was bad for grouse and woodcock hunting. But ducks loves lousy weather, so my plan to jump shoot woodies in the AM worked out well.

I met my friend & registered Maine Guide Brad Cullivan at 7am and we were out looking for ducks by 7:15. Brad guides and trains dogs in the central Maine. He grew up in the area, so he has an local’s perspective on where the birds are and how to get them. His insights really paid off. We hit a handful of spots throughout the day and had a great time.

I’ve never shot ducks before, so this was my introduction to the sport. We jumped lot of woodies and a couple dozen actually came within range. I fired three shots and took down 2 – both drakes. Not bad for my first time. Brad’s GSP Owen did a great job of fetching both birds.

Now it’s back to work for the week. I’ll be back in central Maine on Saturday, hunting grouse and woodcock with my friend Master Maine Guide Bob Foshay. Enjoy the pics. To put together a hunt with Brad, email him at:

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