A nice Greener hammer gun…

In the last 182 years, W.W. Greener has made thousands of double barrel shotguns. May of these shotguns have made there way into the US. The ones you usually are boxlocks like this FH 70, this 12 gauge Empire. Sidelocks like this are less common, but you do see them (that one was converted to a straight grip,  btw).

W. W. Greener Hammer Double Barrel Shotgun
W. W. Greener Hammer Double Barrel Shotgun

The Greeners you rarely see are higher-grade, side-by-side hammerguns. Greener made lots of them, but they rarely show up – in the States or in the UK.

So when I saw this one at Rock Island Auction I was excited. Take a look at it and you’ll see why. It’s an upper-grade gun with lots of original color. Too bad the barrels have been through a bris and the butt stock looks a little refinished. If the gun was all original I would be trying to add it to my safe.

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  1. I’m interested what they are worth i have one from 1872 hard to find info thanks

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