Another good gun gets away…

I search for shotguns every night. In about 20 minutes I can check all of the major gun website for new double barrels. Most night I see nothing. While there are always new guns, they’re rarely ones I’m interested in. Weeks go by like this, sometimes months. Then one day something nice pops us and all the searching is worth it.

16g A.H. Fox A Grade Double Barrel Shotgun

Here’s one of those double barrel shotguns. It’s a 16 gauge A.H. Fox A grade with double triggers and a straight grip. It’s a tough gun to find, especially in all-original condition, and probably one of the best grouse guns ever made in American.

I saw it today It had been online fewer than 12 hours early, probably less, and as soon as I saw I was on the phone. The seller picked up on the third ring. Sold.

16g A.H. Fox A Grade Double Barrel Shotgun
16g A.H. Fox A Grade Double Barrel Shotgun


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1 thought on “Another good gun gets away…

  1. Looks beautiful. When I first became interested in hunting, it was through the idea of a man and a dog working together. I had no idea that shotguns could be such works of art. Sorry to hear that this one got away on you.

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