My second season start tomorrow…

October is supposed to be THE month for upland hunting. Glowing leaves, brilliant blue skies, ripe red apples — the 10th month of the year has a lot going for it.

But for grouse hunting, I prefer December. That’s when my second season begins. The leaves are done and the days are shorter. Most hunters have abandoned the woods and the cold weather kills off much of the food that  grouse feed on through the fall.

December Grouse Hunting
December Grouse Hunting


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3 thoughts on “My second season start tomorrow…

  1. I hunt in northern lower Michigan and I never seem to do as good finding grouse in December as I do earlier in the season.Any help for me finding where they are and what they are eating.

  2. I have luck in wet, lower-lying areas near bogs and swamps. These areas need to be ringed by red cedars, spruces, alders, and have some good, 20′ – 30′ tall poplars nearby. The grouse like these areas a lot, especially when there’s snow on the ground and the real cold sets in.



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