Vintage double of the week: 16 gauge Guyot shotgun…

Guyot is a gunmaker I’ve written about before. While I’ve seen a number of double-barrel shotguns marked with the Guyot name, I know very little about the maker. About all I’ve been able to come up with is that they made some real nice guns. This boxlock at Jaqua’s is an excellent example.

16g Guyot Double Barrel Shotgun
16g Guyot Double Barrel Shotgun

It’s a 16g gauge with double triggers and ejectors. It looks like it was made on the proven Anson & Deeley patent action. I would guess that this gun was made in Belgium for Guyot, and if I had to bet I would say that Francotte was behind it (check out this Francotte Knock About to see what I mean).

Finish wise, it looks nearly new and all original. If it is all that, $1995 is a  reasonable price. Where else can you buy that much quality, and that much condition, for that kind of money?

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