Vintage Double of the Week: Woodward 20g Over & Unders…

Woodward Over & Under shotguns make me crazy. They are one of the most elegant double barrel shotguns every made — without a doubt — and the ones I’ve handled have been some of the finest shotguns I’ve ever seen.

Pair of 20 gauge Woodward Over Under Shotguns
Pair of 20 gauge Woodward Over Under Shotguns

James Woodward & Sons introduced their Over & Under in 1913 (Boss’s came out in 1909). I’m not how many they made before being bought by James Purdey & Sons in 1949 — but I would guess it was fewer than 300 O/Us all together.

Most of these were 12 gauges, with some 16 gauges and a handful of 20 gauges. Woodward also made at least one O/U in .410 and maybe some in 10 gauge and 28 gauge (I’ve never seen or heard of 10g or 28g Woodward O/U, but that doesn’t mean much).

With such small production numbers, decent Woodward O/Us are hard to find today. Pairs of them rarely come on the market. Pairs of 20 gauge Woodward O/Us are practically unknown. That’s why these guns that Lewis Drake has are so stunning. They’re a true pair of 20gs, made in the 1930s for King Michael of Romania. It’s good to be the king.

Pic courtesy Lewis Drake. All rights reserved.

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7 thoughts on “Vintage Double of the Week: Woodward 20g Over & Unders…

  1. Simply Sublime. That and that 16 bore side by side Hallowell has are simply out of this world. If you will be in Vegas look me up

  2. New England Arms listed a Woodward 28ga o/u with 27 inch barrels and a POW grip in the Oct/Nov issue of Shooting Sportsman magazine.The listed price was $75,000. They describe it as the only one ever made.

  3. Wow – $75,000 in 1989. I remember when the .410 Woodward went off at Devines. I think it went for around $200,000. I wonder where those guns are today? Wouldn’t surprise me if they came back on the market.

    I remember the 28g Boss O/U that Drake had a while back. One of the finest guns I ever saw. Heard it went to a collector in the Middle East. Doubt I’ll ever see it again.


  4. The 28 bore Boss was an epic gun. NO ONE wanted to believe that the wood on it was on it the day it was make. Look at any Boss catabog and you will see a black and white etching of the gun with that wood on it. Truly the most beautiful gun in the world—to my eye. Its in the Middle East–confirmed this weekend

  5. I have a pair of Woodward under and over shotguns gun nos 6015 and 6050 – they were made for King Carrol of Romania.his crests have bee. Taken off the case and guns. They are the best example of an English 20b u/o I have seen.

  6. Frank-
    Sounds like a great pair of guns. I would love to see some pics of them.


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