Good gun alert: 20 gauge Webley & Scott Model 700…

Nice, clean English boxlock shotguns are tough to find–especially in anything other than 12 gauge. That’s why this 20 gauge Webley & Scott caught my eye. It’s looks like it’s in excellent, all original condition. And as a plus, it has 28″ barrels and stock looks pretty long.

20 gauge Webley & Scott double barrel shotgun
20 gauge Webley & Scott double barrel shotgun

In my experience, good guns always bring good money, regardless of the economy. So I’m interested to see what this double barrel shotgun will bring. Be the high bidder and it could be going home with you.

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5 thoughts on “Good gun alert: 20 gauge Webley & Scott Model 700…

  1. This gun was likely made for the US market with that configuration. I recently bought a Model 700 in 12 ga. for the same price without the leather case. Technically, I think this is a Model 720, but in any event these are very good guns for the price – though the barrels are dovetail, not chopperlump if that matters.

  2. tHis gun was imported in NJ in the late 60’s and Ham is right about the “Americanized” configuration. It’s on its way to me (back to NJ)and I’m hoping it is as nice as it looks!

  3. Shot this Webley today. It is a beautiful gun and well worth the auction price. Choked full and full-it hit clays like Thor’s hammer!! Than you for the heads up on this fine gun!

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