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3 thoughts on “The gentleman’s choice…

  1. Interesting that the price of the shirt has increased 10x since then, but the price of the Purdey has increased a lot more.

  2. Yeah, but they don’t make Purdeys in China.

    My dad grew up in Waterville, ME, pretty close to the Hathaway shirt factory. I was born there and my grandparents lived there for years.

    The town used to be full of big manufacturing operations (textiles & paper) and the entire area used to be very vibrant. Lots of people had stable, good paying jobs with benefits and pensions.

    All that is long gone, now. Hathaway left town for good in 2002.


  3. “Free trade” and business owners taking advantage of cheap labor under the guise of “remaining competitive” has done a lot to erode our Republic. It is not all the unions fault either. It is heartbreaking to see so many New England factories that are empty shells now. So much for the chicken in every pot and a car in every garage that people were told they could look forward to.

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