Another Charles Daly, this one a Diamond Grade…

I wrote about this 24 gauge Charles Daly Regent Diamond grade A couple weeks ago. Today, lets look at a much earlier Daly double barrel.

Charles Daly Diamond Grade double barrel shotgun
Charles Daly Diamond Grade double barrel shotgun

This is a 12 gauge Diamond grade, one step down from the Regent Diamond, but in many ways a much more beautiful side by side. This gun was made in the 19th century, probably around 1892. Back then, Daly’s Diamond grade was their best shotgun, and Lindner went out of his way to make sure these were exceptional guns. You can see this quality in how well the action is sculpted and the stock is formed. The engraving is also fantastic.

The other thing I like about this gun i how no one thing steals the show. Instead, the wood, the engraving, the Extra Fine Damascus barrels, and the entire gun come together in one stunning impression.

Instead saying “Look at that wood” or “Wow, what fancy engraving,” I looked at this Daly and thought “Look at that ‘friggin gun!” To me, that’s what makes a a side-by-side a┬áBest quality gun.


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3 thoughts on “Another Charles Daly, this one a Diamond Grade…

  1. While other engraving styles may be technically higher quality, that engraving pattern taken as a whole is one of the finest I have ever seen. Those older German guns made more in the English style, rather than the more baroque style, can be really stunning guns.

  2. Yeah – it looks more carved than engraved, too. Nice work.

    It would probably cost a lot to have it done today — if you could fine someone to do it.

    Bulino is overrated.


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