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Bird hunters have always cross-bred dogs with the hopes of creating better four-legged companions. The Braque Français is a perfect example of this process. In Craig Koshyk’s superb book Pointing Dogs: Volume One, The Continentals, he explains how hunters modified this breed and developed two types of pointing dogs with a shared ancestry and the same first name.

Braque Francais, Gascony Type
Braque Francais, Gascony Type

Back in the early days of bird dogs, the Navarre region of Franch/Spain was ground zero for some of the earliest Braque Français pointers. These dogs were big bodied and short haired, with large ears, loose skin, and a hound-like look overall. They hunted close, at a trot, and were known for their all-day stamina in the field.

Of course some people thought these dogs could be improved. These hunters developed a smaller, quicker line of Braque Français, with a wider range and more athleticism. Soon fanciers had a dilemma: which dogs were the true Braque Français?

To solve the problem, the Braque Français club established two sub categories: the Braque Français Gascony and the Braque Français Pyrenean. You can read more about these dogs here on Craig’s blog.

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3 thoughts on “Breed of the week: Braque Français…

  1. Great article and very interesting insights. I have been hunting for more then twenty five years with Braque d’ Auvergne’s, several from France but more recently from US breeders. This breed too is a excellent hunter and wonderful companion.

  2. Not sure how to post photos on this website.

    I currently live in North Carolina and with limited access to wild birds most of my hunting is on leased land with released birds or preserves.

    In the past when living in California, I would hook up my restored Airstream and travel all over the West during bird hunting season…quail, pheasant, grouse and woodcock. My Braque’s have done it all. A couple have been exceptional at water retrieves when necessary without any forced training.

    Best part of owning a Braque d’ Auvergne is until they see the camo and guns they are a pleasure around kids and family even when kennel confined.

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