The ugliest Purdeys ever?

In their 150+ year history, J. Purdey & Sons have made some of the finest and most beautiful double barrels ever, including guns like this express rifles and this side-by-side shotgun.

Ugly Purdey Shotgun
Ugly Purdey Shotgun

Unfortunately, Purdey has also made some stinkers. Here are two them: a pair of 12 gauges that just came up at Cabelas.

According to the listing, the guns are in new, unfired condition. Even though the guns look well made and the engraving is very nice, the coin-finished action, single gold trigger, and beavertail forend all add up to an ugly mess. It’s no wonder the owner never used them — he probably couldn’t stand the sight of them.

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4 thoughts on “The ugliest Purdeys ever?

  1. And to think the owner paid extra for the engraving which is nice, but cannot stand coin finish that Purdey puts on. Give me bone charcoal case hard of French Grey—thats it!!

  2. If I were going to drop that kind of money at Audley House, I most assuredly would not be leaving with those two guns. I am unclear why Purdey even agreed to make them in the first place. The gold trigger is just flat out awful. I do have to say though that the BTFE is beautifully shaped – notwithstanding the fact that it is on the wrong gun.
    Who is up for a rescue project – replace the triggers, black the furniture, reshape the fore-ends, dull the coin finish?

  3. The single most effective gun in my meager assemblage wears the same decor as this Purdey, albeit by Japanese hands. And that’s how I judge it’s appearance. Coin finish wears well under strenous use, unlike case hardened which accentuates scratches and wear, and eventually fades to the same gray as an old garden tool.

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