W. & C. Scott Premier on Gunbroker.com….

From about 1870 to the late 1880s, “The Premier Gun” was W. & C. Scott’s finest double barrel shotgun. Offered first as a hammer gun, and then in hammerless models, The Premier Gun was made right up until World War II.

12 gauge W. & C. Scott The Premier Gun double barrel shotgun
12 gauge W. & C. Scott The Premier Gun double barrel shotgun

Today, these side-by-side shotguns pop up on the market on a regular basis. This Premier was just on Gunbroker.com. I’m surprised by how much this one brought. While it’ looking pretty original, it does look like it as cracked through the hand at one time. But I guess at least a couple guys didn’t consider this a problem.

This Scott did come with some interesting accessories – including a mainspring compressor (pic #15) and a replacement set of mainsprings (pic #16). The paper shells an custom case were pretty cool, too.

BTW: I’m interested in purchasing any W. & C. Scott shotguns. If you have one for sale, please let me know.

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