Good gun alert: 20 gauge Beretta ASEL…

UPDATE: It turns it out this Beretta has 26 3/4″ barrels. It’s still nice gun, though.

I’ve written before about Beretta’s fabulous AS series of over/under shotguns. Handling wise, they’re up there with some of the most expensive O/Us in the world. For the money, they’re one of the best O/Us you can buy.

20 gauge Beretta ASEL over/under shotgun
20 gauge Beretta ASEL over/under shotgun

Most of the ones you see today have pistol grips and single triggers. They’re nice guns, but not perfect (not in my mind, anyway). This one is perfect, though.¬† It’s a 20 gauge with a straight grip, 28″ barrels and double triggers. That’s the holy grail of Beretta’s AS-series shotguns. On top of all this, the price is pretty fair, too. Considering the quality, $5100 is more than fair.

Beretta started making their AS series in 1949 and the company offered them into the 1960s (and maybe later). They came in three¬† models (ASE, ASEL, and ASEELL), the biggest difference being the amount of hand engraving and quality of the wood. They lockup like Beretta SO-series shotguns and ASs made after 1960 or so have Boehler Antinit steel barrels. Basically they’re top quality doubles at low end prices.

20 gauge Beretta ASEL over/under shotgun
20 gauge Beretta ASEL over/under shotgun


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5 thoughts on “Good gun alert: 20 gauge Beretta ASEL…

  1. These are fantastic guns. If there was any way for me to justify owning a 20 ga OU, I would buy this in an instant. Good price for a great gun!

    The seller has an interesting looking Otto Bock for sale too . . . .

  2. You had me excited until I saw it had 26 3/4 barrels. Not 28″. I have handled a few of the ASEL and they are top notch.

  3. Sh!t. It had 28″ bbls this AM. Seller must have made a mistake and edited it.

    I’ll post an update. Oh well…

    Thanks for the comment.


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