Good gun alert: FAIR Model 600 16 gauge O/U…

True sixteen gauge over and under shotguns are tough to find.  By “true” I mean O/Us with actions scaled for sixteen gauge barrels. When a 16-gauge O/U is built on a 12-gauge action, it looses these handling benefits and makes itself obsolete.

16 gauge FAIR Model 600 Over & Under Shotgun
16 gauge FAIR Model 600 Over & Under Shotgun


This 16 gauge FAIR over-under is far from that. In fact, it’s a great double, a true step up from a 20, but lighter and quicker than a 12. FAIR shotguns were imported by New England Arms from about 1999-2005. I’ve seen a lot of them and most of them have been nice guns.



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4 thoughts on “Good gun alert: FAIR Model 600 16 gauge O/U…

  1. I own a 16ga Merkel 200e o/u built on a 20ga frame. It has a straight grip and comes in at 6lbs 4oz. I had it fitted with Briley chokes and lengthened the stock with a leather pad. It’s neither fancy nor expensive, but a nice well built field gun. With 27″ barrels, it’s handy
    for grouse and mountain quail.

  2. My granddad gave me his Merkel 16ga. O&U in 1957, for my 21st birthday….Merkel had built it for him, for use in providing variety to the menu, on his 4-month African safari, in 1928.. It was a work of art, much engraving, name “J C NICHOLS” set in gold, on the top of the rib..No gun ever shot sweeter. Made impossible shots on 60mph dove in S. Ga. cornfields. Put Mallards in the boat, in Arkansas. Crumpled pheasants, here in Montana.
    I am now 76..The gun was stolen in 2009, in Tallahassee FL. I would prefer they’d stolen one of my EYES. I provided photos, serial # 15334 to the police and sheriff, hoping it would turn up in a pawn shop or a drug-raid. Nothing ever came of it.
    Now and then, I’ll google the serial #; just “a shot in the dark”, pun intended…No luck. In a perfect world, I would soon be giving the fine old gun to a son or grandson….But our world these days, is far from perfect.
    Jim Nichols, Billings, MT

  3. Jim-

    I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sure it was a wonderful gun, full of wonderful memories.

    Was the gun registered as stolen with the ATF?

    I keep an eye out for it. Nice guns have a way of popping up again. Now that everything is on the internet, you never know what you’ll find.


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