Daily Double: an Alex Martin 2″ 12 gauge…

Alexander Martin 2" 12 gauge double barrel shotgun
Alexander Martin 2" 12 gauge double barrel shotgun
Two-inch twelve gauge shotguns have never been very popular. Designed to be full bodied substitutes for small bores, the two-inchers give you the light weight of a 20 gauge on the large sized frame of a twelve. The result is a sub six-pound side-by-side that fits better in a adult shooter’s hands.

While it sounds like a great idea, it’s not one that really took off. Today, for every 200 hundred standard British boxlocks you see, you may come across a single 2″ example. Usually, these loners are pretty worn, and they often have 26″ barrels and short stocks. That’s why this Alex Martin caught my eye.

Check out the pics and specs below and you’ll see a near-new, original gun with great dimensions. Best of all, it’s price is very fair: just  £2995.

From the Kelbrook’s Shooting School’s site:

Second Hand  Mint – As New
Make / Model : Alex Martin  Best Quality Light Weight BLE
Style: Game
Barrel : 28
Mechanism: Side by side
Choke 1: 3/8
Choke 2: 3/4
Chamber: 2
Hand: R/H
Additional Information Supplied in Leather case. Original bore dimensions, Weighs 5lb 7oz, And is Proofed for 1oz loads.


Alexander Martin 2" 12 gauge double barrel shotgun
Alexander Martin 2″ 12 gauge double barrel shotgun

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