Good gun alert: A.H. Fox CE 20 gauge double barrel shotgun…


A.H. Fox 20 gauge CE grade double barrel shotgun
A.H. Fox 20 gauge CE grade double barrel shotgun

Here’s a side-by-side you don’t see every day. It’s a 20 gauge A.H. Fox CE double barrel shotgun and it’s being auctioned off at Little John’s on Wednesday, May 23. The C grade was Fox’s mid-grade gun. From one of their catalogs: “This is the grade that has made good everywhere. In every respect it is a high grade. It’s beauty in looks and finish. No gun will stand up better to hard work. Its every detail is perfect. And at the price it is in a class absolutely by itself.”

Fox introduced 16 & 20 gauge guns around 1911-1912 and the company called their new smallbores “The most perfectly proportioned small-gauge gun ever built.” A lot of Fox collectors would agree with this statement, and because Fox made so few graded 20 gauges, this CE is sure to attract a ton of interest. Add in it’s condition and the presence of the original hang tag and this side-by-side could each go for $10,000+.


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