A great deal on this 12g Francotte Grade 14…

Who says nice double barrel shotguns are expensive? I posted this 12 gauge Francotte Grade 14 shotgun last Friday. It auctioned off on Saturday, 6/9, at no reserve. The hammer price? Just $500 — that’s less than a new Browning Citori — and a ton of gun for the money. These Francotte were some of the best boxlocks ever made. Whoever bought this one got a hell of deal. A gunsmith friend of mine inspected this gun and he said it was in excellent condition with nice, modern stock dimensions.

What’s really crazy is that $500 was about what this gun cost brand new in 1951. It just goes to show that quality is not what always appreciates. Check out my previous post about the Abercrombie & Fitch ad for more details. BTW: if you want to hear about guns like this when they come to auction, subscribe to blog now. You’ll get a notice whenever I put up a new post and who knows, maybe you can get in on a deal just like this one.

$500 for this 12g Francotte Grade 14
$500 for this 12g Francotte Grade 14

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