Good Gun Alert: 20 gauge Dumoulin side-by-side…


20 gauge Dumoulin side-by-side shotgun
20 gauge Dumoulin side-by-side shotgun

Here’s a nice 20 gauge boxlock ejector side-by-side that would be perfect for grouse, quail, woodcock. According to the dealer, this double barrel Dumoulin features 28″ barrels, 2 3/4″ chambers, and excellent dimensions (1 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ x 14 1/2″). It looks like it has a lot of original finish, too.

Dumoulin was a popular name in the Belgian gunmaking community, and companies carrying this moniker made all sorts of guns – from double barrels  to pistols. These guns came in every quality possible, from the verry bottom to the tippity top, and they were exported to dealers throughout the world.

I think this gun was made by F. Dumoulin & Co. It looks like a standard Anson & Deeley style boxlock. Belgian makers turned out thousands of doubles like this up until World War II and they’re pretty common on the American market. What isn’t common is to find them in the kind of condition that this 20 gauge is in.

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