The 10 Best Game Guns by Mike Yardley…

Micheal Yardley is well known shooter, shooting instructor, and sporting writer from the UK. For years, he has written a Shotgun Review article for the UK’s Shooting Gazette magazine, and in the course of his career he has tested and reviewed hundreds of shotguns.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon

That means a list of his favorite shotguns should be very authoritative. What does he like? And why does he like them? Read his article to find out. A few of the usual suspects are there, but some of his choices may surprise you.

“Some gun stand out when I am testing them. They look right, they feel right, and, most importantly, they shoot well. They achieve aesthetic harmony and get top marks for ‘usability’ too. It is amazing how many guns just do not meet the basic criteria (i.e. that they should look reasonable, feel comfortable, point and swing well, don’t recoil too much, and have controls which are easy to operate). It also odd just how many people struggle on with gun which are not helping them at all!….” Read all of it now.

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