Auction Alert: a MINTY 16 gauge Parker DHE shotgun…

16 gauge Parker DHE double barrel shotgun
16 gauge Parker DHE double barrel shotgun

Parkers have always been the most popular double barrel shotguns in America. Parker Bros. and then Remington turned out 268,000+ of these side-by-side shotguns, so there are always plenty of them around. What’s hard to find is a Parker Bros. shotgun is nearly-new original condition. That’s what makes this 16 gauge DHE so special.

Here’s some of the auctioneer’s description of the gun:

“Parker DHE Grade, 16 ga. side by side shotgun. Serial #199000, mfg. 1921. Holy elegance, Batman! Wow… Here it is: Simply the finest ALL ORIGINAL, nearly unused DHE I’ve ever had the pleasure of offering. It’s a freeze-frame of 1921 with 98% blue on the barrels, beautifully figured crotch-walnut stock and 90%+++ case color on the receiver. Receiver has nicely rendered scroll work and setter and pointer dog scenes with three pheasants on the bottom of the receiver – beautiful.” See the complete auction listing now

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