Auction Alert: small-bore Ithacas, Foxes, Skeeters & other shotguns…

20 gauge Fox Sterlingworth Double Barrel Shotgun
20 gauge Fox Sterlingworth Double Barrel Shotgun

Into small-bore American shotguns? Then here’s something to get excited about: Montrose Auctions in Montrose, GA has a handful of decent looking, small-bore American side-by-sides coming up on July 28th. Here are a few:

Lot 487: a .410 L.C. Smith Field, #103614

Lot 488: a .410 Ithaca Field NID, #46423

Lot 489: a .410 Iver Johnson Skeeter, #26006

Lot 490: a 28 gauge Ithaca Flues, #241857

Lot 492: a 20 gauge A.H. Fox Sterlingworth, #255641 — LOOKS VERY ORIGINAL: EDIT, 7/26 – AUCTIONEER IS CALLING IT REFINISHED/RESTORED

If you’re looking for a high-quality 12 gauge over & under at a cheap price, check out Kramer Auctions in Prairie de Chien, WI. They have this nice looking double coming up on Saturday, July, 28th. Check it out:

Lot #531, Merkel – Ugartechea O/U 12 ga. – # 364890; 12 ga. 27 3/4″ bbls. Dbl. locking lugs w/greener style cross bolt. Ejectors & dbl. triggers. Bores are bright & in good condition.

.410 L.C. Smith Double Barrel Shotgun
.410 L.C. Smith Double Barrel Shotgun


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