Puck and I spend a lot of time in the woods. But that’s not where we spend all our time. Here’s my girl a couple of weeks ago at the beach. Wherever we go, she has one thing on her mind: birds.

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2 thoughts on “Downtime….

  1. Had a Gordon Setter some years ago. Took her to the beach on the
    Oregon coast. At the mouth of the Yachats River, with the tide out,
    she was running over a wide area littered with large rocks and pieces
    of driftwood. Suddenly, she locked up in a hard intense point.
    What the heck ????
    Stood and watched for awhile. Went out to her and and found her pointing a small group of feral pigeons at good distance. I guess the sea breeze was carrying the scent.
    You just never know.

  2. Thanks for the post. I’ve noticed that at the ocean Puck smells birds from a ways away. That sea breeze must really hold the scent.


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