How to approach a dog on point…

Point! Now what do you do?
Point! Now what do you do?

The moment you’ve worked for all year finally arrives: it’s hunting season, your dog finds a bird, and you have a solid point. Now what do you do? Here’s a bit of advice from the folks over at Pheasant’s Forever:

“I’ve also been told by pointing dog purists to never walk up directly behind a pointer, but rather come in from the front or at an angle….With this subject in mind, I called Purina’s “top dog” and pro trainer Bob West for his guidance on how best to approach a dog on point.  “There is no clear cut, best way to approach a dog on point.  You have to factor in the dog’s level of ability, the scenting conditions that day and the species of bird you anticipate being pointed to properly make the best approach for the situation,” explained West.  “When hunting pheasants, it’s not uncommon for me to make a big 20 yard circled approach in front of a dog on point in an attempt to prevent a rooster from running.”

You can read more here.

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