You’re joking, right? A Boss Over / Under Double Rifle…

As I’ve said before, guys call me all the time about doubles. Most of them are looking for info on meat-and-potato, side-by-side shotguns: Parkers, L.C. Smiths, a Fox here and there. But every now and then I get call about something interesting…

The call I got about this gun was a lot more than interesting: It was un-friggin’-believable. A Boss Over & Under Double Rifle? Please. I thought the caller was joking – until he forwarded me the pics. Then I almost fainted. Stay tuned for more info…

Boss & Co. Over Under Double Rifle
Boss & Co. Over Under Double Rifle

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3 thoughts on “You’re joking, right? A Boss Over / Under Double Rifle…

  1. There are several pictures of one in the Boss & Co book by
    Donald Dallas. The same book also pictures ” a very rare and
    unusual O/U combination 20-bore gun and .256 rifle no.7753
    built in 1929″. It is described as having a “rounded” action.

  2. What a beautifully rare rifle. Hard to nit-pick especially when it comes to something as incredible as a Boss gun/rifle…but boy I do wish it had the Boss house pattern rose-and-scroll engraving with a beautiful 1929 petina on the case colors. I’ll still take it as is, though!

    I love that it has their single trigger, and the sights are splendid. Whoever commissioned this rifle had very fine and unique taste indeed.

    Any idea of what caliber it is? It looks to be in the light/medium range. I love how slender the fore-ends are on Boss over-and-unders.

    Thanks for posting.

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