Great, so this means I’m the jerk?…

Steady with Style
Steady with Style

Do you  have those moments when you realize you’re the A-hole? It happens to me (too often?), and after I read Martha Greenlee’s the latest post at Steady with Style, it happened to me again. I’ve made the mistake she outlines below many times.

“Besides a pinch-collar and check-cord, you use verbal commands and an e-collar to train your pointing dog. It is important to use one or the other, a verbal command or the e-collar but not at the same time. A good example is the “whoa” command. If your dog is creeping or under a bird, it takes a lot of self-discipline not to yell, “Whoa,” at the same time you correct your dog with the e-collar. Unfortunately, if you use them together very often, your dog may learn to associate the e-collar with the word “whoa,” and he can begin to blink birds.” Read all of the post now

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  1. real

    makes sense, always consider association, dog does linear association, has good memory too

    ‘ sound advice. the obvious is the most overlooked

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