Montana. I sure am missing it…

In my mind, heaven would be spending every autumn chasing birds. You would start in Saskatchewan and head south, and you would defintely spend a lot of time in Montana.

I’ve hunted out in Montana a couple of times. The last one was a few years ago – maybe 5+ now – and we were in the northeast corner above the Hi Line. The experience was fantastic — lots of wild birds, very few hunters, and quiet little towns (this was before the oil boom). I really miss it.

Until I make it back there, I’ll have to live vicariously through videos like this from the folks at PRO Outfitters. Just press PLAY to join the journey.

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1 thought on “Montana. I sure am missing it…

  1. vicarious is better than nothing. just can t smell the gunpowder. oil booms come and go, too, so be patient, have many fond memories of snipe and crane hunts in the old freeport sulphur holdings, now long abandoned and gone to the birds!

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