What’s it worth — a nice 12g W.W. Greener…

12 gauge W.W. Greener side-by-side shotgun
12 gauge W.W. Greener side-by-side shotgun

“What’s it worth?” That’s the question I get all the time. It’s also the question I’m always asking myself. To come up with an answer, I pull together an estimate based on historical prices and what I’m seeing in the market. But this is just a guess.

If you really want to know what your shotgun is worth, put it up for auction. When the hammer falls, you’ll know exactly how much someone is willing to pay for it. When I saw this W.W. Greener, I asked myself “What’s it worth?” I’m guessing $2000-$2,500. The auction ends soon, so check back tomorrow to see if I was right.

12 gauge W.W. Greener side-by-side shotgun
12 gauge W.W. Greener side-by-side shotgun

From the info provided and the pics, this is what I can tell about it:

It’s a lower-grade model with ejectors, nice 30″ damascus bbls, and very clean looking wood. The outside of the barrels has a bit of corrosion, but nothing bad. The insides look good. Judging by the proofmarks and serial number, I would say it was made around around 1900. From what I can see, I would say that it’s all original (except for the pad, of course). Pachmyr’s While Line Recoil Pad came out around 1950 and the butt stock may have been lightly refinished at that time. The checkering looks original.


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  1. maybe 1800.00, its a monarch grade, looks like varnish added with no sanding. dropped on concrete a couple times. sold for 25 guineas new. hope he lets it go so we ll know the $.

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