Is FAMARS out of business?

FAMARS factory today
FAMARS factory today

I’m sorry to say this, but from what I’ve heard and seen the answer is yes – FAMARS is gone, and their factory in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, is shut down and locked up.

Founded in 1967 Mario Abbiatico and Remo Salvinelli,  FAMARS was an acronym for Fabbrica Armi Mario Abbiatico e Remo Salvinelli.

The company was innovative and they made some nice shotguns, including the Castore, a self-cocking sidelock hammer gun with and automatic ejectors, and the Quattrocanne, a four-barrelled design with a single trigger. They also made the Avantis, the first side-by-side with a  removable trigger group, and the Leonardo, a best-grade sidelock over-and-under shotgun built on their own design.

FAMARS factory at company's peak
FAMARS factory at company’s peak

In 2010, FAMARS USA was launched to expand the company’s customer service abilities and to introduce branded knives, gun equipment, shooting accessories, clothing, and sportsman jewelry. I am not sure where FAMARS’s collapse leaves this American division.

I’ve reached out to the FAMARS and FAMARS USA and several times for information about the company’s demise. Unfortunately, no one has responded to my requests for comments or further details.

FAMARS Zeaus side-by-side double barrel shotgun
FAMARS Zeaus side-by-side double barrel shotgun

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9 thoughts on “Is FAMARS out of business?

  1. I still get emails from Cristina Abbiatico regarding A & S guns for sale. In fact, I just received one yesterday with several O/U’s at very good price points. This may be old inventory, but she is marketing them under the name “Luxury Arms”.
    Yes, they make beautiful guns. I have a recently completed Avantis, 20 bore, with deep engraved scroll work incorporated with mythological beasts that took over 250 hours to design and complete.
    It doesn’t feel magical in my hands like some best British guns but it comes very close and about one third the price.

  2. Michael,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve heard that from a couple of people. It sounds odd.

    I wonder if those guns were started with capital from FAMARS? If that’s the case, aren’t they owned by FAMARS’s creditors?

    Maybe that’s not how things work in Italy.


  3. Vivian-

    Thanks for the update. I wish they had responded to my emails and phone calls with that info.

    So are they doing their own service work here in this country? Are the guns they have listed on their site here in the US and ready to be delivered? I would love to know more.

    Thanks again,


  4. They currently have an inventory of guns in the US that they sell at show and on-line. I spoke to Tim in their offices.

  5. Well that’s good. I wish them well. But I have to wonder how much momentum the FAMARS name & brand will have without the guns and the mother company’s advertising.

    Thanks for the update.


  6. It looks like they have gone under. Their website is down and cannot be accessed. It is a real shame that such a good maker went out of business. I am thinking that it is not the lack of demand but their expansion efforts did them in. Trying to grow too fast perhaps? I always liked their guns which were very well made and offered exceptional value for the money. Try getting a similar quality gun from a big name gun maker for the same money. A crying shame really.I feel sad.

  7. Yeah – it’s a shame. I hear FAMARS is trying to reorganize, but I’m not sure what’s up with that.

    I heard they had a number of issues. But I guess it all comes down to not being able to pay their bills. Fortunately, there are other nice guns out there.

    Thanks for the comment.


  8. Sorry to hear this. I still have a small inventory of A&S 20’s, one a hand detachable box lock made for Powell in their Heritage series.
    Good to here that Famars USA will keep the support going. Still an excellent quality gun for the money.

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