They’re almost here…Woodcock to return soon….

Woodcock crack me up. They’re such odd little birds, so determined in their ways, so accommodating to me and my dog, always easy to find, and always a joy to see. They’ll be back in my coverts in a few weeks and Puck and I will be happy to see them. These videos show a couple of males “peenting” out their mating call.

Go here to learn more about woodcock and listen to some audio of them.

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3 thoughts on “They’re almost here…Woodcock to return soon….

  1. There may be no other activity anywhere in nature as captivating and enjoyable as watching and hearing a woodcock sky dance.

  2. Tim-

    I agree. I just found a place near my house where I can check it out, too.

    I’m excited. I usually drive 100+ miles to see it.

    Thanks for the reply.


  3. Gregg,

    Although very few people are aware of them, there is quite a large population of woodcock here in eastern Missouri during the migration periods. From mid February through mid April there are always numerous spots very close to us where we can enjoy their sky dances in the evvening and very often watch two or three males compete for the prime spots. In mid November when they are returning south I have often found over 20 during an afternoon hunt of two or three hours. A few even nest our area. A few years ago while spring turkey hunting I flushed a female that did her best to convince me that she was injured. I recognized her behavior as designed to distract me from her nest or young. I didn’t move and after ten minutes of searching I found all four of her chicks within a few feet. I picked one up and it sat passively in my hand while I looked at it. A few minues later the female returned and I quitely left the area. A great experience. I once had a bioligist with the Mo. Dept. of Conservation tell me that I was probably the only dedicated woodcock hunter in the state. Most people arund here have never heard of them and are surprised to learn that they exist.

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