What do you really need to train bird dogs?

A friend of mine has won some of the top field trials in the country. I asked him once about what it really takes to train bird dogs. Steadying barrels and fancy leads? Nope. Wireless launchers and the latest ecollars? Nope. He told me that the most important things are patience and brains.

Ross Callaway is the trainer featured in this video. If you watch him work this young dog, you can see that Ross has plenty of patience and brains.

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3 thoughts on “What do you really need to train bird dogs?

  1. Wow, great video. Untill now, Ross is no. 1 in patience. I really wish I could be like him. Now I must watch all his videos.
    Thank you very much for the video!

  2. Marius-

    Glad you liked it. The other thing that impressed me was the setup Ross was using to train the dog. The water is pretty shallow, so on the first couple of tries the pup can walk out and pick up the dummy without having swim.

    After the dog has made a couple successful retrieves, Ross throws the dummy out further and pushes the pup to really swim.

    This step-by-step approach builds the pup’s confidence and keeps him excited and positive about the lesson.


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