Good gun alert: a 16 gauge A.H. Fox Sterlingworth, 30″ bbls & ejectors…

16 gauge A.H. Fox Sterlingworth Double Barrel Shotgun, 30" barrels, ejectors
16 gauge A.H. Fox Sterlingworth Double Barrel Shotgun, 30″ barrels, ejectors

Fox Sterlingworths are easy to find. That’s because A.H. Fox made a ton of them. Even the small bores — the 16 gauges and the 20 gauges — are pretty common.

Regardless of the gauge, most of the Sterlies you see out there are similar – pistol grips, non-ejectors, 26″ or 28″ barrels. So once you throw in ejectors and squeeze the barrels out to 30″, you’re dealing with a Sterlingworth that’s much harder to find–especially in 16 gauge.

Well, here is one of those hard-to-find A.H. Fox Sterlingworth SxSs in 16 gauge, with 30″ barrels and ejectors. It’s a Savage-era Fox with 2 3/4″ chambers and high dimensions, so it’s more shootable than Fox’s earlier doubles.  The price is fair, too.

Here’s more about it from the seller:

Fox Sterlingworth 16E gauge S/S : 1933 ejector Fox 16 with open chokes, clean bores, tight action, some color & re-blacked barrelsLOP: 13-3/4″ Drop: 2-1/4″ – 1-1/4″ Cast: 0″: Barrel length: 30″ 2-3/4″ chambers, chokes – R)663-007, L)664-007, Choke: IC/IC Weight: 6lb14oz. A good shooter ready for the field! Price: $1,695.00.

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