Don’t let wild America die: Save the Sage Grouse…

Greater Sage Grouse Breeding Areas
Greater Sage Grouse Breeding Areas
Greater Sage Grouse
Greater Sage Grouse

Like bison, grizzly bears, and elk, the Sage Grouse used to be seen in great numbers across a lot of America’s west. Today, that’s not true. As sage brush disappears from the western range, the birds are disappearing, too. While saving them seems sounds like a no-brainer, some farmers, ranchers, developers, and gas companies are saying no way.

But others are helping out. Check out this story from NPR to learn more about the issue:

In Montana Wilds, An Unlikely Alliance To Save The Sage Grouse

“As its name implies, the sage grouse lives in sagebrush country, the rolling hills of knee-high scrub that’s the common backdrop in movie Westerns. Pristine sagebrush is disappearing, however, and so are the birds. Biologists want to protect the sage grouse, but without starting a 21st century range war over it. So they’ve undertaken a grand experiment in the American West, to keep the grouse happy, as well as cattle ranchers and the energy industry…”

Read the entire piece here , listen to the radio story, and check out the great slide show.

Check out this PDF –  Beginner’s Guide to Greater Sage Grouse – to learn more about Sage Grouse and how to conserve them.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t let wild America die: Save the Sage Grouse…

  1. (With my tongue firmly in my cheek)
    “Everything out there eats sage grouse,” says biologist David Naugle, a sage grouse expert at the University of Montana. “They’re like ice cream.”
    No, ice cream tastes good…and it’s smarter than your average sage grouse.
    If you haven’t visited a lek during mating season though, you’re missing out. They are truly amazing birds and they are absolutely worthy of conservation.

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